Task Force Gold
Book 1 in the Star Chain Missions

America is rushing to secure a foothold on the first habitable exoplanet. However, Captain Freddie Bowls and the expeditionary fleet are beset by technical failures, shadow operations, and lone opportunists.

This is the first spin-off series in the Eagle’s Debt Saga. Preorder details will be posted in the coming weeks.

The Eagle’s Debt Saga

The real space race is on…but a fallen America has no part in it.

Axel Nash is a man tired of running from his past and the fallout from the Solar War’s calamitous end.

A war that America lost. Hard.

Now he lives in the shadows, hiding from the UN war crimes commission and his own government, both using him as a scapegoat for their own past atrocities. But when an old friend calls in a favor, Axel must pull himself together and join in the effort to save America from its downward spiral.

Jason has been writing since the mid-1700’s when he was asked by the founding fathers to help with a little document called the Declaration of F’ing Independence. He spends his free time reading to blind kittens and consulting with fallen African dictators on how to use art as therapy. He hopes that one day he can give all this awesomeness up and just write novels.

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